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Blending Money, Energy & Consciousness
to create Money Alchemy

Kiki Theo's books, courses and processing are about holistic wealth expansion.

Using creative exploration, practical tools, and guided energetic processing,

she bridges the worlds of finance and metaphysics to help you expand self & wealth.


“My work is an unusual combination of very practical business experience,

(based on a lifetime of starting and growing my own businesses)

and very esoteric energetic processing I have created

(based on my alchemical, intuitive gifts, and a lifetime of metaphysical study and practice).


Most importantly, this work has been tried and tested by kindred spirits for over a decade,

and it produces real measurable results."

    "Your teachings have taken me from exhaustion and despair to a focused intent and purpose,

full of energy and excitement in creating abundance in no longer one, but now three

highly successful businesses. 

My average company turnover has quadrupled, and my staff are now focused, productive and energised.

With eternal gratitude and appreciation for our work, what else is there to say but, THANK YOU!

Le' Chaim!

Richard Rayne
CEO & Founder On-Site Training, iLearn, iSupport “


"People become wealthy when they become specific about what they want…..when they connect to what that means,

                       and how that feels…..and to do that, they must ignite the spark within." Kiki Theo


About Kiki Theo 

Kiki Theo is a wealth catalyst - an unusual combination of successful business person and skilled transformational facilitator. She focuses on wealth expansion for business people and individuals who are interested in bringing Spirit into money, to reach their potential.

An innovative entrepreneur, Kiki combines an extensive business background, including over a decade in her own fund management company, with her lifelong study and practice of metaphysics, mindfulness, energetic healing, and Jungian psychology.

Kiki's wealth training bridges the worlds of money and energy,

offering a unique blend of her own creative processing and powerful energetic transformations, business experience, and practical tools, to create the alchemy for extraordinary expansion of self and wealth. 

Author of Money Alchemy and numerous holistic wealth training books; the creator of Money Energetics and Money Well processing; and the designer of the first wealth consciousness model, Wealth Journey, she
is the founder of Kiki Theo Wealth Works Institute.


Wealth Works offers powerful transformation of self and wealth, through wealth expansion courses and training for individuals and businesses, Money Alchemy facilitator training, Business Alchemy tailored business strategy and very limited one-on-one Wealth Alignment sessions.

Kiki is the wife of sculptor & healer Shaun Blatcher and has two teenage children. They all have curly hair and live in Cape Town overlooking the sea. Kiki loves dark chocolate, reading, walking in the countryside, singing, and dancing. Her intent since she was a child is to be a light in the world and to help raise consciousness on the planet.

Kiki’s unusual style of inspiration, down-to-earth directness, quirkiness and business savvy have earned her a strong following of entrepreneurs worldwide, who credit her as the wealth catalyst for their ongoing success.

“There is only one thing you want to know about someone who writes a book on money making, and that is, have they actually made money themselves? You want to know that this is a real person, who has lived in the real world, and has some scars to

prove it. You want to be able to relate to this person, to the extent that you believe that if they could do it, then you can do it too.”  

                                                                                                             Kiki Theo from 'Money Alchemy - into wealth & beyond'


Wealth Expansion Books

Paperback Editions Available at all bookstores in South Africa
Autographed copies at R280.00 ($19.99) each plus postage available from

Wealth Expansion Courses

                                            Money Alchemy™                    ~ How to Attract Wealth
                                            Money Well™                            ~ How to Contain Wealth
                                            Relationship Alchemy®           ~ Money & Relationship I & II   
                                            Wealth Journey                         ~ The Hero’s Quest
                                            Business Alchemy                    ~ The Heart of Business
                                            Money Energetics®                 ~ How to use energy to connect to wealth flow 
                                            Manifestation  Alchemy           ~ How to consciously create

               "The course was a profound, magical and life changing experience. I let go of the belief that making money

                       has to be hard. I connected with the part of me that is light and is ready to create what I want and need

                                  with a light hearted playfulness, ease, joy and grace."  Jacqueline Allschwang – Leadership Coach                                                                                                                  

Money Alchemy™ ~ How to Attract Wealth

An inspirational & holistic approach to wealth creation focused on ‘where you are’ and ‘where you are going’.

This foundational course will introduce you to Kiki Theo's energetic way of working with money and energy.

Money Alchemy will help you clarify your vision and its attainment - wherever you may be on the road to wealth. Using creative and energetic tools, and approaching money as energy, you will discover and transform deeply rooted beliefs and attitude and create a profound change in thinking and resonance around wealth. You will open up and increase the flows of money energy and expand your wealth radiance. The Money Alchemy course will help you shift to the next level on your wealth journey, clarifying your intent and vision.

You will leave feeling refreshed, clear, and inspired!


                  "You have created a very nice balance between rational and irrational; esoteric and grounding; experience and fact;                                               I felt like I was quite balanced throughout the course, delving into both sides of the yin and yang."

                                                                                                                  Katja Ratcliffe  - Organizational Development Coach


Money Well™ ~ How to Contain Wealth 

A unique opportunity to explore and expand your capacity to contain. Using the ground breaking Money Well™ approach, you will reflect on the containment of various aspects of your life with the focus on wealth. You will uncover and repair leaks and blocks in your wealth flow using the Money Well™ process and leave with practical tools that will help you continue your wealth expansion and containment. The Money Well™ energetic transformations are a unique and powerful way to fast forward on your wealth track. This is an intense course that can turn your life around. It is recommended that you do the Money Alchemy course first. 


                                           "The key ingredient is the unique material and how it has been assimilated with so much experience.                                                                                                                Powerful, deep work that could easily be underestimated."

                                                                                                                                             Jenni Jackson - Owner Blue Strawberry


Relationship Alchemy® I & II ~ Money & Relationship & Balancing the Masculine-Feminine Divine

A nurturing space to transform and balance the energies of Mother, Father, Child and Lover. You will explore the masculine and feminine energies within your own psyche, in your relationship to money and in the world around you. Using Kiki’s unique Relationship Alchemy™ process you will create a vibrant new energetic template aligning your relationships with your wealth and purpose. When you clarify and balance core relationships, you release energy & focus; add power, strength & direction; and activate money flow. Relationship Alchemy II explores the archetypal masculine and feminine energies you resonate with, and their effects on your wealth flow, re-aligning and balancing you so that the wealth may flow. Powerful, light, magical work that will give you wings! 


                               "It was an amazing introduction into working in the world of non-reality and the unconscious. I found it to                                               be very enlightening and fascinating. Essential for anyone desiring a better relationship with money."

                                                                                                               Shayne Mrazek -Vice President Toastmasters Morningside

Wealth Journey ~ The Hero’s Quest

Are you the Hero in your own life? Which tale are you living? What challenges are you trying to conquer? What is your quest? What questions are you trying to answer? What is your Holy Grail? Working deeply yet sensitively with image-work and symbol, archetype, ceremony, and sacred sound, you will explore the myths of your life and the meaning of these questions. We will peel away the masks you wear to reveal the hero within and to re-align you with your Wealth Quest. We will activate your Mask of Power and connect your walk and talk through activating your own unique sacred rhythm. A life-changing experience for seasoned travelers.


                                                "My experience was wonderful, different and very interesting.  It feels like I have money like energy                                                                                                                all around me...Anything is possible, money deserves me!"

                                                                                                                                           Dylan Hoffman - Business Owner                                                     

Manifestation Alchemy ~ How to consciously create                                           

In this extraordinary one day journey, you will learn an exact, step-by-step process for consciously creating any desired goal! Guided through unique processing, you will move beyond limited thinking, ceilings and constrictions to connect positively with the power of unlimited mind. You will learn how to transform the three obstacles to manifestation, and how to practice the principles of instant creation. You will process and release limiting holding patterns on the level of energy and expand yourself into the field of intention.

This course will give you power and holistic tools to help you shine through your day!   


                                                       "You inspired me - your love and lightness and deep understanding and the easy-ness of it all.

                                                                                                                        Money de-mystified. Amazing time. Spectacular!'

                                                                                                                                    Alta Cronje - Company Owner Quantum Light                                                     

Money Energetics® ~ How to use energy to create wealth

This exciting new course will introduce you to working with image and symbol, and energetic transmutation. It will begin the journey of learning to work with Kiki Theo's Money Energetics® processing and is a must for anyone interested in Money Alchemy facilitator training. Money Energetics® will give you the tools to work with non visible, extra-ordinary reality to create visible, tangible results in the world through re-aligning your energetic wealth matrix. This work can be used by anyone wanting to learn a new powerful ,energetic modality that creates tangible results. Money Alchemy & Money Well courses are recommended pre-requisites for this course. The Money Energetics® Mp3 will introduce you to this work and provides over 3 hours of guided energetic processing to expand self and wealth. 


                                        "It is a beautiful course very different from what is on offer out there when people talk about a course                                                                                                  that teaches about money." Zandile Mokgatle - Medical Practitioner


Business Alchemy ~ The Heart of Business

A results-focused, two-day expansion of self, wealth & business, for entrepreneurs, executive coaches, and business owners that will connect you to the Heart of Business. You will energetically align focus, purpose and intent, to create clarity, vision and profit, in line with the spirit of your business. You will clear obstacles, leaks and blocks in your business path and release wealth flow and profit. You will clarify goals and initiate their attainment and learn practical holistic tools you can use to continue your business expansion. Using a combination of wealth principles and energetic processing we will set into motion the creation of extraordinary results. Business Alchemy will help you break through boundaries, and expand into your potential so you and your business can fly!

Business Alchemy will enable you to blend profit and purpose to create excellence.


                                   "I got more than I bargained for. I imagined a corporate setting... I hate corporate, money talk. I actually                                 could  never have imagined what I got. I am chewing on it every day, I don’t think I can ever quite “use it up” .                                                                                                                                                                                           A.R Winemaker


                                                      For Wealth Expansion Courses & Facilitator Training :

                                       Please request booking form and details -


                                                    Confidentiality on all courses & sessions is protected.


          "The space, energy and intention that you hold for us to transform is very, very powerful and healing.'"

                                                                                                                                                          'Phoenix' - Director


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