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Wealth Works Institute Purpose

The purpose of Wealth Works is to inspire, to activate, to raise to the next level, to act as catalyst for transformation, and to expand beingness, consciousness, and havingness in individuals, in business as well as globally.


The tools for this work are teaching practical skills and providing tools, creating paradigm shifts in thinking, activation of personal power and energetic shifting, and the raising of awareness and functioning to a higher level.


Wealth Works forms a bridge between the world of business and the world of metaphysics. It blends practical business and money making skills with wholistic, alchemical transformational processes to create truly (seemingly) magical outcomes personally and in your business world.


This work is based on Money Energetics ©. A framework developed by Kiki Theo distilling 30 years of personal experience in the fields of business, metaphysics, and personal transformation.

Money Alchemy - How to Expand Wealth
Written & Read by Kiki Theo 
Audio Book Now Available!​


Money Alchemy now in Spanish!


La Alquimia del Dinero

Cómo expandir tu riqueza

Ola!! I am so excited to announce:

'Money Alchemy - How to Attract Wealth' is now available in Spanish!

Available as an e-book download on this very site.

Awaiting a wonderful distributor to take it to South America and beyond!

Please contact

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