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Parameters & Containment

Parameters are boundaries, laws, ways of operating in the world. They are also energetic – the space between me and you. The lines of what you will do and what you will not do. When it comes to containing wealth, metaphorically speaking in the metaphorical container that is a big foundation of my work, (See Money Well – How to contain wealth), parameters are everything.

Parameters are the walls of your container. That's the container of life, wealth, relationships, energy and everything. And everything is energy.

Without parameters, without walls, you cannot contain. Imagine a dam without walls. Or a cup or a bowl without walls. The energy, money, water, relationship, talent, is running all over the place, but you are not containing. That's not because it's not there – the money that is, if you are trying to get more money. It's there all around you, it's just that you can't contain it. The same goes for anything else you are trying to contain – time, energy, well being, talents.

Everything is energy and energy is all around, all they time. You just need to harness and contain it. And you cannot do that without a container which has firm and solid walls.

There are many aspects to parameters as walls of a container. Sometimes the walls are not high enough, or they are so thick that there's little room for anything to enter. Or parameters are so inflexible that when it comes to needing to stretch them so you can expand to contain more, it can't be done.

Now Kiki's rule of 'how you do anything is how you do everything' applies here. So does the good ole book of 'do unto others as you would that they do unto you'. Most people don't like that. Or they thing it applies only in one direction.

We live in a social world. A world filled with people. They all have their rules, their ways of doing things, their parameters. People do, companies do, and agreements, terms and conditions of business outline these rules.

When you constantly trash the parameters of others, you are destroying your own parameters too. This means you are compromising your ability to contain.

When you agree to comply with someone's parameters, and you do it, you are firming your own parameters. You are improving your ability to contain. You are also firming up on your word. Which means your word has value and meaning. Which means you can call to you what you want, and it will be so.

When you comply with the parameters of others, others will comply with your parameters. There are many things this relates to – paying on time, being on time, sticking to whatever terms you have agreed on in an agreement and not trying to squibble or distort things when it suits you. This leads to attracting the right people and things in your life. All of which happens when parameters of boundaries are clear and unambiguous.

In other words, being impeccable. Impeccable is defined as 'in accordance with the highest standards'. It's being 'faultless and without flaw'. That means not just a great container but a container make of etched crystal, sparkling clean. Clean and clear. Transparent. Transparent being lucid, plain, simple, indisputable and unambiguous.

Cut out the deviations, complications and bullshit. The worst of them being those in your own mind. Cut the excuses too. Do what you agreed to. Stick to the parameters of others.

Keep your container and dealings impeccable and transparent. Be direct and clear. Then wealth will directly and clearly flow towards you. Absolute fact!

We create the world!

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