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Wealth Expansion Starterpack

1. Connect with Money Alchemy & start a new relationship with money as energy.

   Begin your wealth expansion journey by shifting beliefs and attitudes 

   about money and opening the door to non ordinary reality – the place where

   magic happens! Begin to work with money as potential, journey & teacher.

   A light, humorous, but powerful book that will connect you with your core.


2. Learn how to contain wealth in Money Well & create your money container.

    Continue the wealth journey by transforming leaks, blocks and obstacles to

    money and connecting to wealth flow. This will change all aspects of your life

    for the better. A deep, life changing book that will inspire you and change you!


3. Allow Kiki Theo to guide you in Money Energetics healing tranformations.

    Unique processing that will help you release leaks, blocks, obstacles, beliefs

    & attitudes on the level of energy, leaving you lighter & smiling. Also contains  

    energising and uplifting processes that will leave you walking on sunshine! 


For best results please do the above in sequence and follow the instructions in the books. Leave time to integrate the work in between – especially in Money Well. Remember this work is energetic – the work begins from the time you connect with it and set your intent.


I love feedback. Please let me know how your life transforms – write to


May your path be paved with gold! I wish you luck on your journey! 

Kiki Theo 2021

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