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Wealth Expansion 101® Video

The prequel to Money Alchemy...

In Wealth Expansion 101 Kiki explains the foundations of her work and thinking around money alchemy.

Three triads of wealth beingness cover 9 progressive aspects of wealth creation and expansion:


Where you are           :  Reality              Beliefs             Intent


Where you are going : Purpose           Destination     Flow


How to get there         : Containment   Parameters    Action


“The Money Alchemy work is based on two things :

First, that money making is a process of personal growth and transformation - you need to change things about yourself - your attitude, beliefs, resonance, in order to attract wealth. You have to transform obstacles, leaks and blocks and create a shift in thinking.


Secondly, that everything, including money, is energy. Because of this, we can work in non-ordinary reality to create tangible results, working with energy and symbol. 

I teach you how to do that.

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"You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you" – OSHO

"Money Energetics is practical, grounded, with action based steps, no pie in the sky fancy frills!

 This work is focused on and produces real, achieveable targets."

Jason Stevens, MD HQ & Co (Pty) Ltd