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Money Alchemy Audio Book - Kiki Theo
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Money Alchemy

How to expand wealth


A light and energetic wealth training manual blending money and energy. Money Alchemy presents money as energy, relationship, teacher, potential, and process of transformation of self.

This is an introduction to Kiki Theo's energetic way of working with money and bridges finance and metaphysics.


Creative processing will help create a shift in thinking, a reconfiguring of beliefs, and expand wealth flow. 

Change your relationship to money and it will change its relationship to you!


This exciting journey can be done by anyone wanting to significantly transform self and wealth and has been successfully used by creatives, entrepreneurs and light workers for over a decade to create magical results.

This audiobook is read by the author and infused with much alchemical positive energy for your transformation.

" We make the path by walking.

It's all right if you grow your wings on the way down."

-Robert Bly

Money Alchemy Audio Book

ISBN: 978-0-9946592-8-6

5 hours


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