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Wealth expansion books to give you wings!

Can a book change your life? I think it can. I wrote these books in sequence, overlooking this very harbour, for an invisible audience I felt keenly was very real. That audience was you.

My intent was to present money as energy, as something light and user friendly. I wanted to share how I had changed to be able to create and contain more wealth. To offer a workable process of transformation that others too could use. A holistic approach, bridging ordinary and non ordinary reality while still focused on results.

My story is woven through the pages of the various titles. I share what I needed to change about myself and my relationship to money, key business insights from decades of being in business, and a different way to handle wealth and its creation. There are creative exercises, reflections, and practical tools you can use, to help you on your own money journey. These books are wealth training manuals, going from stage to stage in the wealth expansion journey. Though they can also be read in any order.


These have been used by others for over a decade now to create fabulous results! Start with Money Alchemy then move on to Money Well. Take your time. It's a journey to realising your dream. What it is, and how to get there. But it's far quicker and easier than you think.


This is energetic work, so I am there with you - an inspiration and a guide along your wealth journey.      May the rivers of gold flow!


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All e-Book downloads are Kindle and Mobile friendly!
Ensure you have an ePub Reader installed.

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All paperbacks are available in select bookstores.
Or order directly from the publishers -
Worldwide - and beyond!
Autographed copies also available.
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