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Wealth expansion books to give you wings!

(and help you fly to your dream with joy and ease.)

 My story is woven through the pages of these books. I wrote them overlooking this very harbour, for an invisible audience I felt keenly was very real. That audience was you.

With frankness and humour, I explain the lessons I learnt that took me from a rented bachelor apartment to owning a beach house with this view. How I changed from a deeply introverted and anxious person to someone whose life works and who is (mostly) calm. I am, after all Greek.

I share what I needed to change about myself and my relationship to money, key business insights, and a different way to handle wealth. Most importantly, there are exercises, reflections and practical tools you can use to help you on your own wealth expansion journey too. These have been used by others for over a decade now to create fabulous results! Start with Money Alchemy then move on to Money Well. Take your time. It's a journey to realising your dream. What it is, and how to get there.

I had a dream once too, long ago, to live overlooking the sea. To be able to smell the ocean and watch the sun rise over it. To be free to do what I want with my time. To have only assets and be accountable to no one. To be able to help others, and to try make the world a better place. And look! Here I am, living this very dream. There isn't a single morning when I walk along the sea from my house to my writing studio, that I do not marvel at the wondrousness of my good fortune!

I am not a billionaire and I do not own a yacht or a plane or a dozen cars. I do not buy every latest gadget. But that was never my dream, and it probably isn't your dream either. You can certainly create a life of ease and plenty though. Filled with peace of mind, joy, and the things that matter to you most. Perhaps you want to wake up in a bustling city apartment and head to your office in a chauffeur driven car. Maybe you want to see the mountains each morning from your wooden chalet in the woods, or from a river house boat. You have your own dream that is uniquely yours. And I am here to tell you you can achieve it. I did, and you can do it too.

Let me be your inspiration and your guide. Your personal Greek muse.

Begin your own Greek island journey :
1. Buy Money Alchemy - e-book or audio
2. Get a beautiful wealth journey note book, pen and crayons 
3. Begin the wealth expansion odyssey to your dreams.        (Remember, I am there with you)

 “I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness is: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut,

a wretched little brazier,  the sound of the sea. Nothing else. - Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

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All e-Book downloads are Kindle and Mobile friendly!
Ensure you have an ePub Reader installed.
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All paperbacks available in select bookstores.
Or order directly from the publishers -
Worldwide - and beyond!
Autographed copies also available.
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