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Money Well eBook

ISBN: 978-0-9946591-1-8

Extent: 346 pages

Money Well
How to contain wealth


How do you contain the money in your life? Do you have a container? Is it big enough, sturdy enough? Does it leak?

Can it withstand the test of time?


How you contain money is reflected in how you contain other things in your life – your joy, your talents, your relationships, your goals and aspirations, your humanity.


In this groundbreaking, holistic approach to transformation through money making you will learn what it means to contain. You will also learn not only how to contain your wealth, but also how to spot and repair leaks and blocks in your money flow using Kiki Theo's signature Money Well process.


'It's not how much money you get to make, it's how much money you get to keep, that's the issue' Oprah has said.


This, is what the Money Well is all about.


“Making money is one thing, keeping and growing it is something entirely different.


Kiki’s open, playful style makes all her work a pleasure to read.


Something special happens and shifts when you read and open up to these amazing books. A way of living that touches every aspect of your being that allows for optimal being around money creation, money containment and wealthy living.”
- Wanda Olsweski

Money Well Print

ISBN: 978-0-9946591-7-0

Extent: 346 pages

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