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"Kiki, you inspired me!

The sense of empowerment that you hold and bring. The way that you speak about the work with so much truth and authority. And the way that you understand and explain wealth as energy. There is a practical and theoretical part.

It also felt like a portal.


I love the way you facilitate. You are frank and real. Magical and whimsical. Such a powerful balance of energy."

Natalie Swil  - Coach & Facilitator - Heart of Business course participant

 Money Flow - How to align with wealth 
by Kiki Theo Live in Kalk Bay Cape Town 
Plus Live Streamed Worldwide

Saturday 2 December 2023 9h00 to 16h30 SAST time (GMT+2)

Paypal in US $199 - Eft in ZA R3,500 


A follow on from the recent Money Well online course, Money Flow also stands alone, and

offers an extraordinary opportunity to clear past leaks, blocks and trauma around money, connecting you positively to wealth flow.


Using Kiki Theo's unique Money Energetics processing


* Release leaks and blocks to wealth and energy flow

    * Transform old patterns and obstacles to money making

       * Clear the past and open the pathways for wealth to flow

Leave clear, light, focused and inspired, with

practical tools you can use to continue your wealth expansion!


“On the previous course, I had all these shifts in my personal and domestic realities - the new (gifted) car arrived, and brand new carpets and an upgraded guest toilet complete with William Morris wallpaper! This is stuff I would never have imagined would happen, and certainly was a financial windfall.” JM Coach


Please join a great group of likeminded entrepreneurs, creatives and kindred spirits for another wealth expansion adventure. I look forward to facilitating an awesome journey!   Kiki Theo

Money Flow - How to align with wealth
by Kiki Theo
How do you flow through life? How does your wealth, dreams, energy flow?
Is your flow smooth and effortless? Is it constant and contained? 
Is it blocked with old unresolved beliefs, traumas, incomplete cycles? Does it leak?
Your wealth flow reflects the flow of other aspects of your life –
your joy, your talents, your relationships, your dreams and aspirations.
Money Flow™ is a unique and holistic money making approach that will help you:
* Explore the various aspects of your life with the focus on wealth.
* Transform leaks and blocks to money flow and containment energetically.
* Clear old beliefs, traumas and incomplete cycles blocking flow.
* Align your purpose with your wealth flow and the container of your dreams.
* Connect positively with the threads of extraordinary possibilities.
* Get practical tools to continue your wealth expansion journey.

The Money Flow course will include the following:

* A mix of key concepts, creative processing and guided energetic transformations.

* Preparation questionnaire before the course to align your purpose and intent. 

* Reflection questionnaire to help you remember what you learnt at the end.

Please note: Confidentiality always assured 

  ABOUT KIKI THEO 'S Energetic Wealth Expansion  BACKGROUND

There are numerous aspects which underpin Kiki's work.

On the one hand she has huge hands on business and wealth creation experience,

having spent all of her adult life in that arena.

Her ability to help others transform however, spans her life since a young age.

Blending her experience and training across a vast number of healing modalities, paths,

psychological studies and practices, Kiki has created a body of energetic work

focused on wealth expansion as a vehicle for personal transformation.


The energetic work, is a holding of a transformational space, a healing and  an alchemical process.

Her ability to facilitate a group while simultaneously speaking to each individual, enables everyone on a course to feel supported and to undergo profound transformation. 

Who this course is for and how to Connect with Wealth Flow

This is a results-focused expansion of self, wealth, business and life

for entrepreneurs, creatives, executive coaches, business owners and kindred spirits on the path.

Money Flow is the other side of the Money Well coin. Though one of the core aspects of wealth creation and expansion is containment, a container is of limited use without money flow.

You will examine the various aspects of your life in relation to your flow

and align them with your purpose and the destination of your journey and your goals.

You will energetically release and transform old leaks, blocks and patterns that disrupt or block money flow, ensuring that the flow of wealth and life continues smoothly.

You will examine and firm your parameters, repair leaks and blocks to wealth flow

and much much more!

You will also learn practical, holistic tools you can use, to continue your wealth expansion.

Using a combination of wealth principles and creative processing we will set into motion the

creation of (more) extraordinary results.

Light, powerful, magical work to leave you smiling, filled with purpose and inspiration.

Your teachings have taken me from exhaustion and despair to a focused intent and purpose, full of energy and excitement in creating abundance in no longer one, but now three highly successful businesses.

My average company turnover has quadrupled, and my staff are now focused, productive and energised.

With eternal gratitude and appreciation for our work, what else is there to say but, THANK YOU! L' Chaim!"

- Richard Rayne, CEO & Founder, iLearn


Join us for this rare in person with Kiki course that will change your life for the better.

Book and pay now with the link below or

write to for application form and to book your place. 



One day Live in person course

or Live streamed

2 Dec 2023 9am - 4.30pm SAST

Kiki Theo's MONEY FLOW

How to align with wealth

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