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"The space, energy and intention that you hold for us to transform is very, very powerful and healing."

- Phoenix, Director

The Heart of Business

How to start or rejuvenate a business

With Kiki Live online - 7 weeks

                      Tuesdays 16h30 to 18h30 SA time

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1. The authentic YOU    

2. The BUSINESS that works
3. The path to your GOALS   

4. Your ultimate ACTION PLAN      



WHO are you? What makes you unique?

WHY this business? Why will it work?

WHERE are you going? What is your intent and goal?

HOW will you get there? What action must you take?

WHAT is value? How do you become and add value?

WHAT is delivery? How do you deliver?

HOW do you create profit and contain it?
The Heart of Business
How to start or rejuvenate a business 
How do you (actually!) start a business?

How do you go from just wishing, to giving up your day job and still pay the bills?

How do you turn a dream into reality?

If you are already in business, how do you make consistent profit?


In this 7 step-start-series – How to start a business - you will be taught how to do just that!

You will clarify your vision and its attainment - wherever you may be on the road to wealth. Using creative and energetic tools, and approaching money as energy, you will discover and transform deeply rooted beliefs and attitude and create a profound change in thinking and resonance around wealth.



"The course was a profound, magical and life changing experience. I let go of the belief that making money has to be hard. I connected with the part of me that is light and is ready to create what I want and need with a light hearted playfulness, ease, joy and grace."  Jacqueline Allschwang – Leadership Coach

About the contents of the 7 course modules –

Each module will include the following:


* Preparation work – a questionnaire to help you focus before each module.

* Practical homework – for the week in-between – to put what you learnt to good use.

* Reflection – a questionnaire to help you remember what you learnt.

* Q& A – you can submit questions which I will try to cover as we go along or at the end


PLUS A bonus Wednesday for 2 hours of Q&A at the end

Send in all your business questions and most will be answered.



"The key ingredient is the unique material and how it has been assimilated with so much experience.

Powerful, deep work that could easily be underestimated."

Jenni Jackson - Owner Blue Strawberry



Kiki started her first business with zero capital at the age of 18. From humble beginnings of immigrant parents living in a bachelor flat in Hillbrow, she went on to grow several successful businesses, retiring a multi millionaire at thirty nine. She has since been writing books and teaching wealth expansion to business owners and entrepreneurs, in-between raising two children and living the good life by the sea in Cape Town. This was the dream!


Kiki is familiar with all aspects of growing a business from the ground up. She knows what to do and what not to do to create business and life success, having done it many times (and failed a few in-between). Kiki's unique style, practical tools, forthrightness and insight have been used by entrepreneurs worldwide for the past decade to take their businesses to the next level and create profit and personal success.


"My experience was wonderful, different and very interesting.

It feels like I have money like energy all around me... Anything is possible, money deserves me!"

Dylan Hoffman - Business Owner


Who this course is for and how to get to the Heart of Business

This is a results-focused expansion of self, wealth and business, for entrepreneurs, executive coaches, and business owners, that will connect you with the heart of business. You will learn how to align focus, purpose and intent, to create clarity, vision and profit, in line with the spirit of your business.

You will clarify your business purpose and goals and initiate their attainment. You will also learn practical holistic tools you can use to continue your business expansion.

Using a combination of wealth principles and creative processing we will set into motion the creation of extraordinary results. This course will help you break through boundaries, and expand into your potential so you and your business can fly!

Learn how to blend profit and purpose to create excellence.

Light, powerful work to leave you smiling, filled with purpose and inspiration. 

 "I got more than I bargained for. I imagined a corporate setting... I hate corporate, money talk.

I actually could  never have imagined what I got. I am chewing on it every day, I don’t think I can ever quite “use it up”.

-A.R Winemaker


Do join me on this wonderful journey! A message from Kiki

“I am very excited to deliver this course by special request.

Helping businesses thrive is my passion. I love to find that small thing that will tweak everything into place, creating extraordinary expansion.

Because I have done everything from putting flyers on cars and telemarketing cold, to negotiating the purchase and sale of companies with top CEOs, I can not only relate, but have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of business and entrepreneurship.

More importantly, I have a tried and tested body of work that produces results. If you want to start a business or take your business to the next level – join me!

There has never been abetter time to start a business than now!” Kiki Theo


"It is a beautiful course very different from what is on offer out there when people talk about

a course that teaches about money." 

Zandile Mokgatle - Medical Practitioner

How to join the: 


How to start or rejuvenate a business course

1. PAY YOUR COURSE FEE via Paypal in USD or via  Eft in ZAR 

2. You will receive via download on payment A REGISTRATION FORM 

3. Please COMPLE TE form and SEND IN to register

4. You will receive a ZOOM LINK 24 HRS before start of course

5. You may attend via pseudonym - Courses are CONFIDENTIAL

6. LINK UP ON TUESDAY (Date to be confirmed) AT 16H30 FOR THE FIRST COURSE

7. Do sign in about 15 minutes EARLY to iron out any tech issues 


"You inspired me - your love and lightness and deep understanding and the easy-ness of it all.

Money de-mystified. Amazing time. Spectacular!'

Alta Cronje - Company Owner Quantum Light



                                       JOIN THE HOW TO START A BUSINESS COURSE AND GET ON TRACK TO SUCCESS!                                      

Your teachings have taken me from exhaustion and despair to a focused intent and purpose, full of energy and excitement in creating abundance in no longer one, but now three highly successful businesses.

My average company turnover has quadrupled, and my staff are now focused, productive and energised.

With eternal gratitude and appreciation for our work, what else is there to say but, THANK YOU! L' Chaim!"

- Richard Rayne, CEO & Founder, iLearn,


A New Year offer!

7 modules of 2hrs each plus a bonus 2hr Q&A


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7 week x 2hrs plus bonus 2hr Q&A course


How to start or rejuvenate a business

LIVE ONLINE (or recorded for missed sessions)

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