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Wealth Journey - The Hero's Quest 

"In the realm of Kiki’s workshops, the true treasure lies in the work you immerse yourself in during the sessions.

—Kiki’s workshops are transformative. You engage in the magic right there and then, and in doing so, you transcend.

You will never leave a Kiki workshop the same person; simply by showing up, you begin to change."

GMP - Entrepreneur - Participant of many courses

Wealth Journey - The Hero's Quest 
with Kiki Theo Live online - 6 x weeks

Tuesdays 17h00 to 19h00 SAST time (GMT+2)

Starting Tuesday 8 October 2024 by the light of the Waxing Moon

with recordings for missed sessions

Paypal in US $299 - Eft in ZA R5,500 - Payoneer in €285 or £240


Join a great group of likeminded entrepreneurs, creatives and kindred spirits from around the world for another wealth expansion adventure. Wealth Journey is a magical course connecting your soul journey, with your wealth journey and revealing the hero within. I look forward to facilitating an awesome journey!   Kiki Theo

The most important question anyone can ask is: What myth am I living?

                                                                            Carl Jung

Wealth Journey - The Hero's Quest
by Kiki Theo
Are you the hero in your life? Which myth are you living?
What is your life quest? How aligned is it with your wealth quest?
Do you approach your life journey as a hero's quest, with challenges to conquer and magical gifts to discover? Are you in search of your holy grail or the hand of the beautiful maiden? Are you waiting for your prince to wake you from your slumber? What is at the end of your rainbow?
Working deeply yet sensitively with image-work & symbol, archetype & ceremony,
and Kiki's unique transformational Money Energetics®, you will:
* Explore the myth of your life, and the tale you are living at this moment.
* Reveal and reframe your challenges, allies and foes with the focus on wealth.
* Create your mask of power to align you with your wealth and soul journey.
* Connect with the hero within and release inspiration and purpose.
* Get practical tools to continue your wealth expansion and hero's quest.

All Kiki Theo courses are uniquely curated for the participants of that course, and will include the following:

* A mix of key concepts, creative processing and guided energetic transformations.

* Preparation questionnaire before the course to align your purpose and intent. 

* Light homework between sessions – to put what you learnt to good use.

* Reflection questionnaire to help you remember what you learnt at the end.

* Q&A – you can submit questions which I will try to cover as we go along or at the end.

Please note: Confidentiality always assured  - participant comments and cameras will be off.

  ABOUT KIKI THEO 'S Energetic Wealth Expansion  BACKGROUND

There are numerous aspects which underpin Kiki's work.

On the one hand she has huge hands on business and wealth creation experience,

having spent all of her adult life in that arena.

Her ability to help others transform however, spans her life since a young age.

Blending her experience and training across a vast number of healing modalities, paths,

psychological studies and practices, Kiki has created a body of energetic work

focused on wealth expansion as a vehicle for personal transformation.


The energetic work, is a holding of a transformational space, a healing and an alchemical process.

Her ability to facilitate a group while simultaneously speaking to each individual, enables everyone on a course to feel supported and to undergo profound transformation. 

Who this course is for and how to become the Hero of your life

This is a results-focused expansion of self, wealth, business and life

for entrepreneurs, creatives, executive coaches, business owners and kindred spirits on the path.

Wealth Journey is a magical and numinous approach to wealth expansion connecting you

with the land of myth and dream and your inner hero.


You will explore and reflect on your life as myth and hero's journey with a focus on wealth.

This will re-align you with your purpose and link it to your wealth quest.

You will breathe fresh energy and intent into your myth and hero, adding inspiration,

lightness and joy to your life and business.

We will work in both ordinary and non ordinary reality to create extraordinary results.​

You will also learn practical, holistic tools you can use, to continue your wealth expansion.

Using a combination of wealth principles and creative processing we will set into motion the

creation of (more) extraordinary results.

Light, powerful work to leave you smiling, filled with purpose and inspiration.

Please Note : This course has nothing in common with my book Wealth Journey - 9 steps to a wealthier you which is all about states of wealth consciousness.

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path.

Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”
― Joseph Campbell


Join me for this magical course that will awaken your inner hero and

re-ignite your Wealth Journey!


Book and pay now with the link below or

write to for application form and to book your place.  


6 week x 2hrs live online course


The Hero's Quest

LIVE ONLINE (or recorded for missed sessions)

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