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The greatest shift of reality that you can make, is to shift your perception of time.

Time perception has mass and weight. It is not just a marker of events like a ruler.

Time is a container and a destination. Time is a place.

“Time can also be a place.... Everything depends on where you are standing,

on where you look or what you hear. The measure of it is found in consciousness itself.” FRANK HERBERT, God Emperor of Dune

The weight of time is felt when we are waiting for something to happen. As we keep waiting, and waiting, it seems as if each minute piles up on top of the next, making it heavier and heavier.

When we are near the end of a marked passage of time, like a week, or a month, time starts to feel heavier. This is because we like to carry along all the weight of the time that has gone by before it. We perceive the 30th of the month, as containing all the other 29 days. So that time, that day of the 30th , is perceived as heavier, denser, than the time that went before it.

Especially if there was a task to complete within that space of time.

This is more so if that task is still incomplete. Now it seems there is not enough time left in that last day or two. Yet the task itself may need only a few hours. If the calendar suddenly shifted and you could believe it was still the beginning or the middle of the month, you would probably have little problem completing whatever it was in a few hours or in day. Now, near the end of the month, time feels dense and space feels compressed.

Does time have space? It has as much or as little space as we give it. Space is the distance from the beginning to the end of what we measure. But because time is not a ruler, because time is not linear, and because time is subjective, not all hours are equal in measure. No matter what the clock tells you.

Early morning hours are huge and expansive as the stars. The hours that start and end the day are cramped and tight and full, even before you navigate them. Lots of people and things and events are jammed into those hours, whereas the small wee hours of the day are mostly empty.

Time is a container. You can make it as big or as small as your imagination. The best way to do this is in infinite time. Or stepping out of time itself. Yes, you can do that.

Time possesses qualities. In Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine, different hours are conducive to different activities, they are associated with different organs, different ailments and disease. The hours of time are linked to astrology, which also places much emphasis on time.

In Western astrology, time determines your personality potential in the world. In Vedic astrology time born determines your inner clock in relation to the outer clock of the world. Based on this astrologically determined inner clock, you can determine the most succesful time to marry, start a business, travel.

So we find that time is more complex than we think. Much like synchronicity, faith, intent and manifestation, time cannot be explained using left brain thinking. We need non linear thinking in non ordinary reality to intuit the truth about time.

Movies of time travel, magic and bending matter or space have helped us with this. Quantum physics and other branches of science too, is helping those more 'scientific' to expand their thinking...

Craig Callender in Scientific American says this about time,

“We have a deep intuition that the future is open until it becomes present and that the past is fixed.

As time flows, this structure of fixed past, immediate present and open future gets carried forward in time. This structure is built into our language, thought and behavior.

How we live our lives hangs on it.

Yet as natural as this way of thinking is, you will not find it reflected in science.

The equations of physics do not tell us which events are occurring right now.

They are like a map without the "you are here" symbol.

The present moment does not exist in them, and therefore neither does the flow of time.”

'How we live our lives hangs on it' is the part I want to focus on, because so much of what we do, try to do, or give up doing, is bogged down by nothing more that our linear perception of time.

We think we are too young (sometimes), or too old (very often), or too early (seldom – except when selling shares before a run – or sometimes when making love...) and most of all too late to.... whatever-it-is.

Perfect timing. What is it? Where or when is it? Who has that 'being in the right place at the right time' thing? That thing sometimes called synchronicity. And how do we get it? What does it mean?

We can agree that a split second is all it takes to create or destroy anything, but most of us do not operate by this belief when it comes to our day to day life. When it comes to running a business; meeting month end sales or profit targets; changing apparently 'already happened' events or decisions in the outside world; transforming disease; or navigating the exchange rate -we suddenly solidify both time, and therefore reality, and we fix it in stone.

What then happens, is that we stop moving through the corridors of infinite possibility. We have now taken up a fixed position 'in time'.

Once this is done, it is difficult to move or navigate 'reality'. Whereas one minute we had potentialities, unformed energy, infinite possibility, in the next, we solidified and created Reality, by freeze framing time.

Then, reality-potential becomes real. It becomes Reality. Once we go into agreement with a perception of reality and freeze time, then all we can do is walk around reality and look at it. Or that particular version of reality, anyway. Then, the endless potentialities of reality that simultaneously exist in no-time, are freeze framed into one version of reality inside a frozen moment of time, and reality becomes Reality. Suddenly it is 'out there', and subsequently it becomes 'out of our control'. Reality is then under the control of governments, the weather, the exchange rate, superiors, accidental events and so on.

We fix reality with time. Time is the glue that holds reality together. Forget identification with linear time, and then? What becomes of reality then? Is this afternoon not then not as long as a year or a table? Can you not then conclude as many last minute deals as you like. Especially as saying 'yes' only takes a teensy fraction of a second. How many yeses can you accumulate and fit into the last hour of the last day of the month? And so exceed your target.

But first you have to shake off the weight of time. You have to recognise that time has no weight. That all the weight comes from your thinking. Not only that, but you have to shift yourself off the axis of time all together. Time has no axis, or measure.

Forget about time, make it a circle, and then what happens to someone's 'no', once you have walked around and turned your back on it? Is it still there? Has it happened yet? Maybe not. Is that written letter, or sent email, fixed in stone? Is it written at all, when you take yourself off the axis of time? And can you, without a shadow of a doubt, definitely know what's in the letter before you look at it? Cannot you not change it first and then look?

Without time, you can definitely change the contents. Even if it's been written already. Or maybe it's with time that you can do it...

As Lewis Carroll said, “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backward”

What time do you need to step out of, to create new doorways in your life?

What is it time for now?

“Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.” Jorge Luis Borges

We Create the World.

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