DON'T PANIC! That's what it says on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy handbook.

Around the world at this very moment, all you hear about is the Big C. Every conversation, email, bit of news is centred around it, and the fear of it. We live in a world of many words, bombarding us from many places, all day long. These words have the power to make us weak or strong. Add or take away our energy, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Expand or contract us.

When we repeat words to others, their effect, good or bad, is passed on.


Words have power because words are energy. Everything is energy. Reams have been written on the subject in recent decades, though tomes more have existed for thousands of years. Most everyone now knows about the following :

The power of positive thinking

The law of attraction

The power of the mind to create That thoughts are things That everything is energy and everything is connected That reality can be changed by our thoughts and emotions That reality can be changed by our focus and intent

All this has been proven by science and quantum physics and by important people with degrees and knowledge or profound experiences, so we can justifiably believe them.

Everyone is very excited and in agreement with the energetic nature of the world, with creating their own reality and shifting negatives to positives. The self help industry is worth billions of dollars and people spend small fortunes on books and courses and flying around the world to hear the experts on the subject. Talk of transformation and energy is everywhere.

However, when a bug appears everybody plotzes. That's a good Jewish word for losing your &*%$.

Creating reality goes out the window to be replaced with consensus reality, fear and running for cover. Medicine, doctors, media and 'facts' become all powerful. Not to be contradicted. Not to be shape shifted, transformed or messed with in any way. Because the threat is real. So real it even has its own name.

The 'new reality' is then made more real moment by moment, by agreeing on it, focusing on it, and spreading the negative thought forms, word by word, and thought by thought, person by person. That's called an epidemic.



Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought. Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.

Thoughts are things. Things are created by thought.


If we believe we can create things out of nothing, speak to things that are not there, shift things that were not there to begin with into things that are – and yes we can!


If we can change things that were one way, into new things that are completely different– and yes we can!


If we can make things that were not working or were destructive disappear, to be replaced by things that work and are constructive– and yes we can!


Therefore, we can change an unseen something that has appeared out of nowhere and is creating some sort of negative effect out there, into something that creates no effect whatsoever, into something that creates a positive effect, or into something that disappears as suddenly and mysteriously as it appeared.


We begin by focusing our words, thoughts and focus. Yes, we need to focus our focus intentionally. What you focus on expands. We need to pay attention to our words.

We are told that in the beginning was the Word. Not only in the sense of Logos as God and the word of God, but also in the sense of frequency, energy and sound.

There is a wonderful Hebrew word, Lashon Hara - the evil tongue. It refers to spreading true but negative information about others, which is to be strongly refrained from.

I think we should extend Lashon Hara to also cover the spreading of negative, even if true news, in general.


When repeating data or news ask yourself, will sharing this information add or diminish light? Will it make the other person happy or sad to know this? Will it expand or shrink their world? Right there you have all the answers you need.

More so, consider the effect of doing these things to yourself by reading up on, and remaining connected to every bit of news and every bit of negativity out there. Don't do it. It will not cheer you up. You do not need to know everything that goes on everywhere, all the time.

Let us practice right speech and refrain from Lashon Hara with regard to spreading evil news and negative thought forms and energy – to others or to ourselves. Let us instead start to create and spread some positive rumours, beliefs and intent:

People's immune systems are testing stronger than ever before.

Healing and recovery is speeding up to unprecedented levels.

More and more places are being given the all clear.

So much opportunity is opening everywhere for positive change.

Believe it, intend it, focus on it, and bring it into being!

Create some of your own positive rumours and pass them around.

Let that go viral!

Reality is as real as you chose to make it.

Reality co-exists with much other reality.

Reality is fluid and changeable. Reality is energy.


So, here's some good news. We can put all that knowledge and learning and practice around energy and creation to good use.NOW! TODAY! Already. We can CHOOSE. Choose to believe in health, light, and that all things work together for good. Put out the thought form of joy, healing and resolution.

Believe in positive outcomes!

The power of joint focus has been proven. TM practitioners repeatedly demonstrate the effect of group meditation on the reduction of crime and violence in an area. The power of prayer too has been authenticated.

When we join together to focus on the right things, we can change the world.

However, like all forms of creation and attraction, we need to focus on what we want.

Mother Theresa said, 'I will not go and march against war – but have a march for peace and I will be there'. These are very apt and powerful words to take to heart. We need to focus on what we want, so we can bring it into being.

Let us join our thoughts and energy and force fields and intent on the light. Let us speak new realities into being. Let us invoke the words of power that will create an epidemic of health, peace and joy.






with our thinking and focus and attention.

What you focus on expands!

Focus on the light. (Don't panic!)

PS. Also consider karma and God's will. Both, or whichever you resonate with most. Acknowledge and surrender to it. Let it hold you in its arms. What is written is written. Nothing we do or do not do will change it. There's a freedom in that knowledge.

Lama Yeshe was telling us the other day, that as a young man he did all sorts of really dangerous things – in cars, on motorbikes, in general. Things that should have killed him. He laughed and said,

'One thing I know for sure, if it isn't your time to die, nothing you do will change that.' Trust that God and the universe and karma has you back.

P.P.S The vibrational frequency for clearing viruses is 741Hz

There is an abundance of sound at 741Hz on youtube. Tune in and keep playing as background music.

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