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‘A fresh take on money and all that surrounds it. Quirky and humorous, it is unlike other books on wealth creation... Money Alchemy opens you up to a world of possibilities!’ - Brett Duncan Standard Bank Equities. 


In this mind shifting book you will find a new way to approach wealth creation, which will change your relationship to money and increase your ability to attract it. 


Money Alchemy is a wealth training manual which will lay the foundations for Kiki Theo’s energetic way of working with wealth. 


Creative process work, reflections, and lots of practical tools will enable you to find clarity of purpose, focus your intent, and kickstart your money-making journey - wherever you are on the road to wealth.


The creative processing in Money Alchemy will help you re-align thinking,  beliefs, emotions, and resonance with the flow of wealth. 


Money Alchemy is an energetic book. It is infused with positive intent for powerful transformation and expansion of self and wealth. When you read this book, you connect with the energy of wealth expansion and the energy of a wealth catalyst, so the results, much like the title of the book, are profound and magical!


“It is my intent that this book will inspire you, refresh you, 

align you with your highest intent and purpose, 

and manifest wealth for you, in every way. 

May you flourish and prosper beyond your wildest expectations. 

May all your dreams come true!”- Kiki Theo

Money Alchemy

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