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Wealth creation is a journey
- Kiki Theo
Start your journey to expand self and wealth

Quantum Wealth Expansion Pack 

Change your relationship to money, learn how to contain wealth, and increase wealth flow.

Welcome! Here, you will learn how to work with money in non ordinary reality.

How to bridge money and energy to increase wealth flow.


I combine practical business experience,

(based on starting and growing successful businesses),

with energetic processing I have created

(based on a lifetime of practice in consciousness, healing and spiritual growth).


This work has been tried and tested by kindred spirits, entrepreneurs and light workers for over a decade,

to create real measurable results.

Begin with the processing in the books.

It's light, gentle, and will produce profound change in your life - wherever you are on the path to wealth!

Books, courses and energetic processing
“Life changing!! A book that will change your life.
Read it with the intention of creating your best life ever - and you will.
Live your dream. I love Kiki’s teachings and live by them. Highly recommended.” Linda Hawkins


About Money Energetics - Kiki Theo
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Connect with Money Alchemy and start a new relationship with money as energy. Begin your wealth expansion journey by shifting beliefs and attitudes about money and opening the door to non ordinary reality – the place where magic happens!

Begin to work with money as potential, journey, relationship and teacher.

A light, humorous, but powerful book that will connect you with your core.

Allow Kiki Theo to guide you in Money Energetics healing transformations.

Unique money processing that will help you release leaks, blocks, obstacles, beliefs and attitudes on the level of energy, leaving you lighter, brighter and smiling. Also contains uplifting and energising processes that will leave you walking on sunshine! This original and unusual energy work will expand your world and wealth in many ways. 

Learn how to contain wealth in Money Well and create your money container. Continue the wealth journey by identifying and removing obstacles to wealth creation, repairing leaks and blocks  to increasing wealth and  connecting properly to wealth flow. Money Well will change all aspects of your life for the better. A deep, powerful, life changing book that will ignite and inspire you. 

Buy all three for $150

Two e-Books and one Mp3

Use Coupon - 'Quantum-wealth'
 (Ensure you press 'Apply')
All e-Book downloads are Kindle and Mobile friendly!
Ensure you have an ePub Reader installed.
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"Your teachings have taken me from exhaustion and despair to a focused intent and purpose, full of energy and excitement in creating abundance in no longer one, but now three highly successful businesses.

My average company turnover has quadrupled, and my staff are now focused, productive and energised.

With eternal gratitude and appreciation for our work, what else is there to say but, THANK YOU! L' Chaim!"

- Richard Rayne, CEO & Founder On-Site Training, iLearn, iSupport

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