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Money, energy and consciousness to expand wealth

Kiki Theo Wealth Works offers holistic wealth expansion training for self and business.  

Money making is not about budgets and balancing your cheque book. It's about how to change yourself, your beliefs and attitudes, your very resonance, to attract more wealth. This is more that just positive thinking or affirmations. It's about how to release blocks and leaks to wealth flow, and how to work with money energetically. This is more than just knowing that 'money is energy'.


This work has actual processing, and a step to step method that will help you expand self and wealth to the next level. It will show you how you can rewrite your story, in full or in part, to achieve your innermost dreams by learning to work with money as energy. It bridges finance and metaphysics and ordinary and non ordinary reality, allowing you to release leaks, blocks and obstacles to wealth flow. At the same time there is practical input to help you take your business to the next level increasing, and more importantly containing profit.

Money Alchemy work is based on my own journey. An ordinary Greek girl raised by immigrant

parents in a bachelor apartment who retired a multi millionaire before forty. How I went from a

bankrupt company and failed marriage, to living happily ever after in a beautiful life by the sea. 

It did not happen in a day. I learnt many lessons over my many years of starting and growing successful businesses, and I combined these, with my lifelong study and training in energy, mindfulness and metaphysics, to create a holistic wealth expansion program that produces results. I created it so that others who were a little  like me - unusual, different, sensitive, yet able to excel and fly - could have some real, workable, yet unique tools, help, and support on their journey.

So this is really the story of you, and of limitless possibilities arising from this very moment!

This light yet powerful approach will help you shift your beliefs and attitudes, release leaks and obstacles to money making and positively align you with wealth flow, taking you to the next level. No matter where you are on the road to wealth.


To get the basics of what my work is about, start with the MONEY ALCHEMY book. It's a wealth training manual with creative exercises, that sets the foundation of working with money as energy.

There are also live and online courses, energetic processing MP3s, videos and one-on-one sessions. Work through my site and see what draws you. I look forward to facilitating your journey.


May the rivers of gold flow!

Start here, with the MONEY ALCHEMY book.         Begin your wealth expansion journey! 

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"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."                                                                                                        Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood

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