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How to do this work and the basic concepts

The purpose of Wealth Works is to inspire, to activate, to raise to the next level, to act as catalyst for transformation, and to expand beingness, consciousness, and havingness in individuals, in business as well as globally.


The tools for this work are teaching practical skills and providing practical tools, creating paradigm shifts in thinking, activation of personal power and energetic shifting, and the raising of awareness and functioning to a higher level.


Wealth Works forms a bridge between the world of business and the world of metaphysics. It blends practical business and money making skills with wholistic, alchemical transformational processes to create truly (seemingly) magical outcomes personally and in your business world.

This work is based on Money Alchemy and Money Energetics. A framework developed by Kiki Theo distilling 30 years of personal experience in the fields of business, metaphysics, and personal transformation.



Kiki has an unusual combination of skills, gifts and experience spanning business, healing, psychology, metaphysics and spirituality. She has been clear on her purpose to help add light to the world from a very young age. She began her training in dealing with people early, running counselling groups for the children in her school. She has studied psychology and linguistics as well as eleven years of Jung. She is an empath and healer and has trained in many healing modalities including Body Talk, Resonance Re-patterning, Body Alignment, Reiki, and a variety of sound healing and meditation.


On the business front she has decades of practical business experience starting and growing businesses from scratch, including over a decade in her own fund management company which she successfully sold to retire. She then went on to write and teach about money and transformation and to create a body of work which has been successfully used for a decade and a half to create life changing results.


My intent when I started to put this work together, was to help change people's relationship to money. I also wanted to empower, especially those wanting to do good in the world, with the ability to make more money. I wanted to present money as energy, which I believe it is, and to give energetic tools that could be used to create change. In order for this to happen, those doing this work needed a money training manual of sorts. One that helped them get from where they are to where they're going. A manual that dealt with physical reality as well as non ordinary reality - that land of dreams and magic where creation really takes place. 

So Money Alchemy was born. In Money Alchemy you are introduced to money as energy and are given an opportunity to engage with money as teacher, relationship, potential and path of transformation. This is a different approach to money and wealth creation which forms the foundation of this work. It is good to start here.  No matter where you are on the path to wealth. First just read the Money Alchemy  book. Then start to work though the exercises. This will help you uncover deeply held beliefs and attitudes which will help shift you to a new reality. Remember it is a process. Which I will talk about soon.

After Money Alchemy, move on to Money Well. A real power house of a book and a course in its own right. Working through Money Well is a truly life changing experience if you really go into it. Here, you not only get to learn what it means to contain wealth, you are also introduced to containment as a metaphor and a reality of life. You will learn how to create a container and have the opportunity to assess and resolve many different aspects of your life, all aimed at helping increase wealth and life flow. 

Money Well is in two parts. In the second part you learn how to overcome leaks, blocks and obstacles to wealth flow. Once you have got this far, you are ready for the energy work contained on the Money Energetics MP3. This is a unique way of working with money as energy which will allow you to shift deeply held patterns. The Money Energetics book is an accompaniment to the Mp3 and explains how to work in this way. Though you are led and guided by me, so you actually need no preparation.

Beyond this point, you could really just repeat all the above and you will continue to grow and transform across many years. The rest of the books - Wealth Journey, Relationship Alchemy and the condensed versions can be read in any sequence, depending on your needs.

So it's Money Alchemy - Money Well - Money Energetics MP3. The Quantum Wealth Expansion pack!


Process work is about transformation and change. It's about doing something - like writing, drawing, or energy work which causes you to go from one state to another. From one way of being to another. From one way of thinking and feeling to another. And most importantly from one way of vibrating energetically to another. It is not an intellectual exercise. It is not an exercise in understanding. It is not about the meaning of a sequence of words, theoretically - like 'money is energy'. It is also not a recipe. A process involves you living into an experience which changes you. Be very clear on that.  That, is Alchemy in its truest form. 


Similarly, energy work is not reading a book, or understanding something, or doing creative processing like writing or drawing. Though in one sense of course everything is energy and everything is connected - which forms the core of my work. However, energy work, in this here context refers to working in liminal space on the level of the unconscious and beyond. It is working consciously in non ordinary reality. It is not visualisation, or hypnosis, or positive thinking, or affirmations.

There is in fact very, very little actual energy work for transformation available in the self help world. Certainly, this way of working, which I have created is unique to the Kiki Theo work. The good news is that it can be done by anyone, it is totally conscious and it produces results.

If you want an exciting new way of working with reality, both seen and unseen, that will help you expand self and wealth, start with the Money Alchemy work. 

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